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Dance Educator


Without even realizing it I have become a coach and teaching artist. My career has taken me from Lincoln Center to Broadway and every venue in between. As my performance career slowed and I took on the role of a mother to James, I dove into teaching and dance education.

Young dancers in training, parents of aspiring professional dancers, and dancers just entering their performance careers, began seeking me out for advice and guidance. I soon realized that I am uniquely qualified to offer assistance based on my history as a professional dancer and the network of professionals within my circle that I can draw from. The most wonderful aspect of my career now is that I absolutely love it! I find great joy in seeing young artists make their move from high school to college and college to a fulfilling career, discovering their artistic voices along the way, and navigating their unique paths toward their lives as artists.

We know that the journey of an artist is not easy. It requires fortitude and a grounded mentality. I was fortunate to have a very fulfilling career filled with many ups and downs. There are some important lessons that I learned the difficult way. My priorities for my performance/dance artists are: self-care; becoming a well-rounded human being physically and spiritually so that you can be a more engaged and healthier artist; education; developing a sense of individuality and self-sufficiency; learning to be an effective collaborator, and prioritizing one’s own standards of excellence. 


Love is my guiding principle.

Shame-based teaching methods can get results, but they are short lived and eventually unravel into injury and unhappiness. It is my belief that love is the only true force that leads to success as an artist and a human being. Leading with love does not mean that there is no accountability. Honest conversations are important and essential. 

"I enjoy working with dancers of all ages and abilities! My only requirement is a willingness to work hard and dig deep into knowing yourself as an artist and human being!"
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